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Because of its convenient location, Seven Stones is the perfect place to set up your company in North Rhine-Westphalia. It will take you no time to reach the area’s closest airports or train stations.Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology we offer, you will find the ideal location for your office, practice or laboratory here. When it comes to implementing your business concept, we pride ourselves on being very flexible. We not only provide the space, but can also help with design as well as give advice on the most cost-effective ways to realise your goals.




made by seven stones
400 sqm of space – room for endless ideas.
We have created a place to work, to concentrate and to focus. At the same time our concept is extremely flexible. In addition to the premises, we offer the perfect atmosphere for freelancers, startups or simply a temporary workplace.It doesn't matter whether it's a single workstation or large meeting room, you will always find the latest technology, the best equipment and a safe environment to get the job done.

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made by seven stones
Seven Stones positions itself as a place where future visions can come together. That includes aspects of the economy as well as saving the environment. In all we are able to offers you a successful perspective for your business. Here you will find a unique place to realise your vision, to showcase the individuality of your company and at the same time to benefit from the advantages of being part of an entrepreneurial community. This applies to offices with just one employee all the way up to the development of complexes for large companies. Always put your best foot forward!
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Ärztliche Zentrum
Birgit Wagener, Robert Seng
und Dr. med. Rainer Brinkmann

Urology, andrology, med tumor therapy,
prostate center, incontinence center,
Center for wish to have children

Privatärztliche Praxis
Dr. med. Dörthe Schaffrin-Nabe
und Prf. Dr. med. Rudolf Voightmann

Haematology & oncology

Dr. med. Dirk Cichon

Specialist for asthetic &plastic surgery

Dr. Kent und Kollegen

private practice for dentistry


A space for therapy and training

Jan Snel GmbH

flexible, modular constructions

Police station South East

your community policing station