Das Quartier
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Seven Stones
The innovative quarter in Bochum

Some might get the impression the name Seven Stones points to the number of buildings that make up this modern and progressive site. However, this community actually derives its name from the seven huge stone blocks that posed quite a challenge during the property’s initial development. In fact, the stones were so massive that builders could barely get past them, let alone cut through them. We saw the stones’ impenetrability as an inspiration. As we strive for stability, we decided to incorporate the stone blocks in our name. That way they can always be a part of us. We plan to eventually display them as works of art at one of the site’s central locations.

Fast forward through years of development, construction and hard work and there are now enough buildings on site to be able to call this community a quarter. The site is becoming a true neighbourhood and now consists of various new complexes.

Seven Stones isn’t just a residential complex or office district. It promises good living. It’s our vision of what life in the future can already offer today. It unites what allegedly can’t co-exist: work and leisure. It can be an oasis of calm or a meeting place. It can also be a place that unites residential sustainability as well as comfort. Seven Stones is thus a testament to the ongoing structural changes within cities. By establishing this climate-efficient community, we have created a blossoming flower in an area that’s better known for being an industry hub.

We invite you to discover our community’s highlights and learn more about Seven Stones.

30.000 sqm
KFW 40+ Standard
We are part of a funding protection programme that includes 100 climate-friendly communities in NRW
rent your next feel-good space
The Central Park
in Bochum
Café, kiosk, track, outdoor fitness facilities, playground, scooter rental, e-charging station and DHL shipping station
22.000 sqm open space
for future development
Café, kiosk, track, outdoor fitness facilities, playground, scooter rental, e-charging station and DHL shipping station
student apartments
designed by Seven Stones
Medical offices
your specialists for your health
Part of the GigaBitCity
This city currently boasts Germany’s fastest Internet speed possible through fiber optic connections.
700 additional student apartments
designed by Jan Snel
Think modular buildings that can, if needed,
be recycled and repurposed
Police Station South East
your community policing station
Cafés, WeinlCafes, wine lounges and restaurants
ounge, Restaurants.
Commercial space
offices, doctors’ offices, laboratory facilities.
Co-working spaces

Work +

Oasis of

Every person is different. Many don’t believe work and leisure, along with tranquility, can co-exist in an urban environment. However, we believe under the right circumstances, such opposites can blend beautifully and create a harmonious setting.

Why not walk to work or take care of the day’s tasks at the specially created co-working space that  is available to rent. Give your stressed spirit a break by gazing onto our green spaces, stroll to an event or sit quietly on a terrace. Be creative and work on a new concept, quickly squeeze in a workout or even grab a bite to eat. It’s all possible and efficient – just like our technology.

These varied combinations will elevate your work-life balance.

im revier

+ Comfort

While climate protection and sustainability are just starting to be discussed in many communities, these very important topics to us are already a reality at Seven Stones. 

Thanks to geothermal energy, block heating units and solar panels we’re able to significantly slash CO2 emissions. We don’t stop there. We are creating new areas for orchards that support the survival of bees and other endangered insects. It benefits both the climate and the environment. However, it’s also good for the residents. They get to live among natural beauty and enjoy the biodiversity of green spaces. They also have an independent, stable energy supplier as well as get to enjoy cool rooms during the summer months thanks to surface temperature control technology with controlled ventilation. Incidentally, ventilation is also a beneficial side effect as we try to control the spread of viruses inside buildings and rooms.

Sustainabilty wins - always

Each year we cut back on more than 200 tons of CO2 emissions
Generating climate-friendly energy and heat through block power plants and photovoltaic systems. Any surplus energy is fed into the local power grid
Solar panels add extra energy
Orchards help support bees and other endangered insects
An eternal source of heat
Heat Pumps
An optimisation of efficiency and comfort
Sustainable urban development thanks to more dense development within the city
Central Park Bochum by Seven Stones
New commercial buildings
Co-working areas
Additional restaurants
Outdoor fitness
Organic supermarkets
Open-air cinema
E-scooter rental
E-charging stations