From near or far,
you are always home

Seven Stones
Business Apartments

A hotel is great – a home is much better.
Business and personal life are changing constantly. Today you find yourself working in one place but are soon needed in another location. Our business flats offer a great way to balance both. A place of tranquility where you can put your feet up, aren’t forced to constantly repack a suitcase and have a chance to be part of a dynamic community. Work-life-balance is one of the great quests of our time.
Our flats offer you this, providing more than just a place to sleep.

A Home away from Home
- individuelle Firmenangebote
- Fully furnished and well equipped
- Everything on site
- Centrally located and with green spaces
- Kitchen and closets included
- High-end materials used
- Stable pricing thanks to
   independent energy sources
- GigabitCity-supported modern technology
- Various restaurants
- Sports and leisure
- Security on site
- Local shopping
- Medical facilities
- Daycare
- Electric car charging stations
- Convenient public transportation
- Co-working areas and office spaces
- Maintenance service
- Additional services upon request